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Why internship with us?

Pycademy provides training in the field of computer science, software engineering, data science, machine learning and artificial intelligence for more than 10 years.

We are thrilled to inform you that through collaboration with Kidocode, we are able to provide fun and exciting job opportunities. You can learn and earn. It’s your call! You have the chance to secure a future job in the training field, computer science, digital art and more with us upon performing well.

This internship opportunity will strengthen your practical approach into creating applications, and helps you to improve your fundamental knowledge about computer science and programming alongside having the chance to assist children to learn through the training procedure by answering their questions, solving mathematical challenges and creating contents.

Pycademy is a human resource development platform. We have trained more than a few thousands researchers and lecturers that have attended our courses and many of them have secured their position in the field.


Good teamwork, passionate about learning, good communication skills, self-learner, independent, fluent in English


Coaching kids and teens through the KidoCode syllabus and helping them over time management and problem solving skills


Nice and lively environment, high quality trainings, full equipment studio, full-time job positions, building your personal branding


Challenging your knowledge to the max and improve your skills in variety of fields such as programming, science, mathematics, media and …

“Start your awesome journey of success



Is it a paid internship program?

Yes! Monthly RM500 for basic internship (no programming background) or RM1000 for advance internship (already have some expertise) for 40 hours per week.

I am not a student! can I apply?

Can. As far as passing the basic requirements and you are permitted to work in Malaysia. Fresh graduates, freelancers, passionate youth for learning new technologies are so welcome.

How long is the duration?

Minimum 2 months and there is no limit based on your performance and schedule. Between 6-9 month is what we suggest for best outcome.

Should I know programming already?

Not necessarily. If you have good knowledge in math, good communication skills and have a passion for learning, would help you to be qualified.