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Adobe Illustrator CC for beginner

Main Features

  • The Illustrator Pen tool
  • Be More Productive in Illustrator
  • Color Management in Illustrator
  • Illustrator Image + Masks
  • Illustrator Anchors + Paths
  • Creating Vector Shapes in Illustrator
  • Effects + Appearance Panel in Illustrator
  • Typography in Illustrator
  • Output
  • Image Trace in Illustrator <– I love this one!
  • an much more…

What you’ll learn

  • Use all the tools within Illustrator CC
  • Be able to use the Pen tool in Illustrator
  • Over 60 Illustrator CC lectures
  • Stylize type with Illustrator CC
  • Be able to use Image Trace to turn your hand drawn illustrations into vector



  • This course is for beginners or anyone who does not have experience with Adobe illustrator CC and wants to learn how to use the program. This course is not intended for advanced users of illustrator , though the course can be used as a reference guide to find the exact information on any feature that you’d like.
  • You will need to have an active Adobe CC subscription and the newest version of illustrator installed on your computer. This course does not go over the installation of Adobe illustrator CC. (illustrator CC 2018 is used in the teaching of this course.)
  • You will need to have a Mac or PC with at least the minimum requirements for Adobe illustrator CC. Information can be found on the Adobe website.

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Enrolled: 30 students
Duration: 10 hours
Lectures: 10
Video: Online Class
Level: Beginner