The demand for Data Scientists is immense. In this course, you’ll learn how you can play a part in fulfilling this demand and build a long, s...
29 Lectures
5.5 total hours
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In recent years, we’ve seen a resurgence in AI, or artificial intelligence, and machine learning. Machine learning has led to some amazing re...
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Complete Guide to Practical Data Science with Python: Learn Statistics, Visualization, Machine Learning & More THIS IS A COMPLETE DATA SCIENCE ...
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Machine Learning is one of the hottest and top paying skills. It’s also one of the most interesting field to work on. In this course of Machi...
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Data Science
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This course will get you started in building your FIRST artificial neural network using deep learning techniques. Following my previous course on l...
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New! Updated for Winter 2019 with extra content on feature engineering, regularization techniques, and tuning neural networks – as well ...
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Data Scientist has been ranked the number one job on Glassdoor and the average salary of a data scientist is over $120,000 in the United States acc...
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