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How Data Science is Winning Battle Against COVID-19

The authors of Harvard Business Review Julie Shah and Neel Shah wrote an article about the advantages of big data in the COVID-19 crisis.

Top technologies within Educational Systems

What are the top trends in technology used within Educational Systems in developed countries?

Adopting new technology Good or Bad

It was reported by Gartner that minimum spending on IT will shoot to $3.5 trillion dollars by 2017, which it did.

Brilliant Female Programmers

When we talk about programmers being male… it statistically looks right on the whole.

Coding and Storytelling combined

There is a time when you are sitting with your kids and try explaining them certain things that are way beyond their league. That’s When you start telling them a story….

How Technology is Changing the Way Children Think and Focus?

Are your children prepared to focus for success in the 21st centuries?

The Robots are coming!!

What comes in your mind when you think about AI? Do you notice your favourite sci-fi movie or something that you used to read while growing up?

Data is a new GOLD

Every organization or business, big or small feeds itself on valuable data and perception. To understand customers, and their preferences, big data plays a crucial role.